The dining table at Jungle Mei Mangal can be found in the narrow lobby of the top floor.

There were rejected pieces of a wooden slab initially. Four of one height and another eight on half the height. Conceiving it together, came up with these interesting chairs which had an unusual longer back rest as compared to the construct of a normal chair. The reason behind it is that the neighbours while vacating his room(The Library room, currently)  gave me a small stool table. I wanted the chairs to fit very compact within the table, but since the table was really low,  the back rest was designed longer to hold from the top and pull out easily. 

Initially at Jungle Mei Mangal, all the dining was confined at white box. But once I had the entire top floor, I decided to keep it in the lobby . While the chairs had to fit inside a small stool table in a way that it goes under it, they couldn’t have been broader then the table as the lobby itself was very narrow. The only way to do it was to have a broader back base then the front legs of the chair. It really made the entire set look like a toy furniture made for kids. They appeared odd to me initially till I discovered the chairs designed by Frank Lloyd.

I’ve always loved collapsible furniture. The space under the chairs has two boxes that serve as storage for the plates and the cutlery. What makes the entire set more catchy is that the table has wings that open to create a longer table top, after all it had to be the dining table for two of us-me and Malvika


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