This week in Mangals : Ankur on his city, his life, poems and his academic persuasions in astrophysics

I dreamt of a starry night,
But do I love one or all
The steadfast dotted lights?
Or the ones with tails that fall?
I dreamt of a journey to foretell,
Beyond the scope of my physical being.
A mind among the cosmos propel,
Traveling through dimensions foreseeing.
I dreamt of love with supernova blast,
Birthing life many anew.
In timed eternity which would last,
Leaving behind nebulae a few.
I dreamt of music of a sun,
Blissful symphonies of planets around.
Whose harmonies are still undone,
And orbital strings remain unbound.
I dreamt of a darkly rhyme,
As consuming as a hole black.
Whose harmony would cease time,
Whose existence wouldn’t give back.
I dreamt of an endless field,
As flat as time and space.
Praises in these constraints feed
Self-righteousness of mortal’s phase.
I dreamt of living a dream,
Without laws and nature’s might-
To never wake and oppose this stream,
To become endless and infinite.


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