“To those whom I didn’t have a chance to say good bye, I’d say KIA KAHA AMIGOS”

Alexandre Amaral in his debut documentary made with a smartphone about the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

And at Jungle Mei Mangal, we couldn’t agree more. Saying good byes has never been easy. Whether in context of Alex saying it in Camino or the time he had to leave Delhi in the unexpected turn of events due to arrival time of coronavirus. The travel VISAs were announced to be closed, it was clear that inbound travellers would be held back for uncertain period, if they were not to return immediately. We never got a chance to even meet, so we bid adieu on phone. It was after a couple of months of stay here. We found Alex very disciplined, energetic and friendly.

Jungle Mei Mangal: So what is it that you do with your phone?

Jungle Mei Mangal: What would be your most important possessions and the stories behind each?

Jungle Mei Mangal: Tell us brief introduction to the work at the NGO while in Delhi

Jungle Mei Mangal: Ultimately what we’re talking about is savouring life from a great height. What are your aspirations? What life to you is and what would you want to achieve, Any life philosophies?

Elaborate on the following: Where were you born? What you do? Where are you based? Where all you have travelled? Who all are there in your family, your friends?


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