Distance : 93 KM
Time : 2 Hrs
National Highways : Mumbai Pune Expressway

Many who live in the busy city of Mumbai think of Lonavala whenever they think of a road trip. And rightfully so, as it is a beautiful weekend spot for almost anyone who loves picturesque surrounding of mountains, soft breezes of the high altitude, a laid back vibe, lush green foliage all around and to bite the juicy chikki fruit which is a local favorite. The Mumbai to Pune expressway leads up to Lonavala which in 93 km long and allows for cabs and buses and private cars to ply, to and fro.

While two wheeler are only allowed on the old Mumbai Highway which is also a road in good shape with similar picturesque views leading up to the hills. But the relatively new expressway offers for a better driving experience. You also get stops at popular eateries to stuff your mouth with tasty north Indian food at places like Sunny Da Dhaba and The Kinara Village Dhaba, which have old school dhaba ambience to match with the food.

Mumbai Pune Expressway


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