From Françoise’s standpoint at least, that’s how it is. She loves vintage, travel, Architecture of mid-century, Bollywood, Helen, Kishore Kumar. And so we found over the couple of months of her stay at Jungle Mei Mangal that she needs to be around- for fun, that happy cheer that’s very rare to find.

And at least for the longest time, there was no interest for us to wait for posts on Facebook, till we got her as a friend here. You didn’t see those Dara Singh and Mardi-gras heading out in droves.

Jungle Mei Mangal: That’s amazing! where do you find these posts?

Jungle Mei Mangal: Phantom Comics is obviously a big draw for us. So where you got those and how important is this library of yours in France?

Jungle Mei Mangal: How do you get into that happy rhythm!

Jungle Mei Mangal: But also one of the great things about being here is that you are working with bikers. Do you ride? Are you more motivated to travel by curiosity or joy?

Jungle Mei Mangal: While on social media everything is wrapped up, in real describe who you are.

Jungle Mei Mangal: We saw the meaning of Covidiot on your timeline. Give us a message that you would want to tell the world today.


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