Distance : 160 KM
Time : 3Hrs
National Highways : NH32

Take the route along the east coast road, which is ideal for those riding a bike. This is one unique stretch that is accompanied by the sea alongside the long winding road to the beautiful city of Pondicherry. Make sure to keep your camera handy as the changing height of the sun and its reflections on the sea will make it a must to click photos to immortalize the beautiful memories that will be this trip.

This is surely one of the most beautiful roads in India perfect for a road trip around the year. The road stretches up to 160 km and passes through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram. It takes a total of 3 wonderful hours to map the road, with other interesting sites lining it like Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Fort aka Alambara Fort), Kalpakkam (nuclear plant), Mudaliarkuppam (boat house with sporting facility), Marakkanam (large salt pans) and more.

Pondicherry from Chennai


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