The bookshelves in The Library Room are an illusion.

They are actually a wall-to-wall storage almirahs! Behind its flaps lies the storage for all the tools and hardware items sorted in small boxes.

As a kid I was always inspired by the Phantom, his cave and his library. All avid comic fans would know that the legend is that Phantom never dies. The fact is that the current Phantom is 21st of their generation. Every time the father dies, his son dons the cape and puts on the mask. The Library books are actually journals of different Phantoms, their trips to all over the world fighting goons. Every Phantom would read the old journals to know everything that ever happened in the past.

So the books in our Library are nothing but a wallpaper in reality. The books are categorised in four types. The green ones are for nature lovers – people who like to travel, to enjoy the green, surround themselves with nature and the misty hills. The Red ones are for avid travellers who go off-roads, they love to travel and hike. They are hard-core travel enthusiasts who prefer long road trips and engage almost half of their year traveling from one place to another. The ones labeled as Blue are for urban dwellers – who don’t find much time to travel. They sneak out on the weekend to nearby places within 100 kms radius. The last category without any label is for International travellers.

There are a total of 128 titles in the library room, all describing Mangal and their activities in the most popular travel destinations. Any traveler for us is Mangal personified. What we aim to do is to build a biggest catalogue of travelogues. We intend t to give an entire new twist to the physical wallpaper into a biggest virtual library of travel stories, experiences, reviews and tips. Thus building the most authentic, localised content.

If you are planning a trip and don’t know where to start the research and put the bucket list together, here are are some of the popular chapters:

Mangal in Delhi – by Clement
Mangal in Manali- by Malvika
Mangal in Benaras- Kevino
Mangal in Benaras- Brigitte
Mangal in Kerala- by Sreejit



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