So much that we loved your stay. And there’s so much of that in these stories. It often veers off into the incredible, but without tying your leg, too much to the revelation—there were also a lot of themes that we thought about and talked about from a world view, perspectives, about India, whether it’s in the moment culture overtaking the chaos or the way that the world is headed towards.

Jungle Mei Mangal: You had to cut short your maiden trip to India. God knows if either of us are going to catch those interesting words in person, but nevertheless I do it here. Tell us more.

Grant: It was wonderful spending several days at such an oasis as Jungle Mei Mangal! Having the necessities of living taken care of by the team, it allowed my time of walking the streets and sidewalks of the beautiful Hauz Khas Village, and the paths of the parks of the area, experiencing the stimulating and insightful conversations, care and assistance of the locals, and taking in the beauty and love of life, and all its components.

As I have come to live and think, and observed without and within, having no preconceived notions, expectations, or judgment; just accepting all that is, allowing my time there to be a delicious pleasure!

It doesn’t matter where we go, doesn’t matter what religion, or no faith at all, it’s not about a spiritual place, it’s about stopping, observing without, and listening within. I can hardly get this said, but I feel so grateful to Divine Love as manifested in all of the beauty of the care of JMM, people of the area, the plants and animals.

I eat a meal, and I am grateful that something gave its life, or provided it’s fruit for my pleasure and life. It’s all just another facet of the beautiful dance of Divine Love.

I’m so grateful to Nitin and his team, Ajay and Suhndar* for making this experience possible!

Jungle Mei Mangal: We all have some version of the place we visit. What is your take on India?

Grant: Looking only at form, the external, the locals may feel some embarrassment concerning the chaotic Indian traffic. All the noise, beeping, zipping left, squeezing in, gunning, then cutting right, and breaking hard, everyone allowing the need of another.

Zooming way out though, to see it from above, at the same time looking deeper within, one sees the beauty of it all; as Divine, a beautiful dance of sorts- a fractal of the Spiritual Dance of the Flow of Life.

I really enjoyed our conversation out on the veranda. Your warmth, open heart, authenticity, and tenderness (easily touched) was inspiring and wonderful. I quickly felt a bond and common heart.

Jungle Mei Mangal: That’s deep. The enamour to be on the feet really motivated me! Would want you to share the story about your prosthetic leg if you like, opening up some doors.

Jungle Mei Mangal: We spoke about 2020 being almost like 5050 with mankind almost half way to destroy whatever it created since the beginning of the civilisation. And there it is in a lockdown with COVID. I suppose, especially in a business like us everything is wrapped up. What are you upto these days?

Jungle Mei Mangal: Not for every issue, but we really synced on the things that we were talking about ideals and governance. Would you like to deprogram some of them for the readers?

Jungle Mei Mangal: If there’s ever anything that you think might be interesting for us or anything that we could do together

Jungle Mei Mangal: Not necessarily sending out any specific asks, but just for more illumination, your message to the world would be?


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