Distance : 116 KM
Time : 3 hrs

What could be more picturesque than the meeting of the massive of seas of the Bay of Bengal with the majestic Eastern Ghats? This favorable meet of the ocean with the mountains creates for a wonderful experience of those wanting to take a weekend road trip. The union city of Visakhapatnam never fails to charm its guests with its unique beauty and then there is Araku Valley that is led up to by curving roads carved in between majestic green hills, under the grey sky with the smell of fresh flora in the air there to accompany you on your drive up.

The road is of 116 km and is dotted with interesting sights such as the Borra Caves and Tatipudi Reservoir on the way. The best time to take the trip would be from October to March.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley


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